Sessions and Prices


SINGLE SESSION (Zen Triggerpoint Anatomy®)
Treatment of acute areas of pain

The entire body is systematically worked on in ten steps.

Steps 1 to 3: Work on external body structures: shoulder girdle, arm and leg muscles, back and chest

Steps 4 to 6: Deep-penetration treatment of the middle body part: pelvic girdle and deep back muscles

Step 7: Work on neck and head

Steps 8 to 10: Alignment of the tension-free body, upper part/lower part, internal/external

Session duration: 90 minutes
Price per session: CHF 150


Abhyanga (full body massage)
120 minutes: CHF 200

Shiroabhyanga (head, facial and neck massage)
60 minutes: CHF 100

Padabhyanga (foot massage)
60 minutes: CHF 100

Pristabhyanga (back massage)
60 minutes: CHF 100

Shirodhara (head massage with a continuous flow of warm oil on the forehead)
120 minutes: CHF 220

Lu Jong

Private lesson
60 minutes: CHF 100
90 minutes: CHF 150

Semi-private lesson (2 persons)
60 minutes: CHF 120
90 minutes: CHF 180

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